I designated this piece to be called Mirage, due to the fashion that the elements took as they gently began to mesh.  While you might not see it at first, as you explore the details you will see an unknown rising in the foreground that all at once appears. Looking and wondering at the illusionary effects it seems to clearly reveal the allure of a mirage.  I really hope you find this piece as interesting as I do. If you have any comments they would definitely be appreciated.

Mirage is sold in an original signed limited edition of 100 prints, accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The size of this image is 20″ (H) x 40″ (W). If you wish to see a larger panorama just click on the image.

The chosen print medium is a professional grade fine art lustre paper however it is also available in canvas or metallic art. If you would like more options together with additional information, I kindly invite you to check out the print details section.

Price: $550.00
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