Golden Lotus symbolizes the essence of the lotus flower which is creative power and purity that blooms amid its adverse surroundings.  As the lotus awakens and blooms at the first rays of the morning sun it is reborn expressing its openness to gain further wisdom. In many parts of the world the Lotus is used to attract health, harmony and luck to the home. My ambition is that this creation enhances your environment with theses qualities.

This image is sold as an original signed limited edition of 100 prints, accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The size of this image is 24″ (H) x 25″ (W).

The chosen print medium is a professional grade fine art lustre paper. This artistic piece additionally looks wonderful in a metallic or canvas print. If you would like more options together with additional information, I kindly invite you to check out the print details section.

Price: $460.00
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